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Kits and bundles

Unlimited kits

There are no limits to the number of kits you can create.

Single and multi-selection kits

With our flexible kitting engine you can kit single products and products which require selection from a list of options.

Kit component quantities

You can specify how many of each kit component is contained within the kit.

Zero priced components

You can set kit components to be zero priced even if the product has a price and is being sold elsewhere within your online shop.

Automatically calculate stock

Specify lead times and stock levels directly against the kit, or automatically calculate lead times and stock levels from the kit components.

Automatucally calculate pricing

Specify prices directly against the kit, or automatically calculate prices from the kit components.

Mixed Vat rate kits

When calculating prices by kit component we calculate VAT based on the VAT rate of the component, so we always calculate VAT correctly on kits with mixed VAT rates.

Factored component prices

We factor the kit component prices at checkout to correctly reflect the kit total after any discounts have been applied directly to the kit.

Show kit components

Make buying kits clear and simple by displaying the kit components against the item in the basket, during checkout and on order confirmations.

Kit only products

Components do not have to be active within your shop to form part of a kit, they can be kit only products.