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Pricing Engine

Value, percentage and margin based pricing

Maintain prices as a value, a discount from list price or a margin on cost price.

VAT inclusive / VAT exclusive price lists

Define prices with or without VAT.

Exchange rate pricing with adjustment factor

Offer multi-currency through exchange rates, and include a factor to protect from exchange rate fluctuations.

Currency specific price list

Offer currency prices without conversion using currency price lists.

Define multiple price lists

Create unlimited price lists to accommodate all your pricing and price discounting needs.

Price list heirarchys

Organise price lists into price list hierarchies for price discounting.

Volume, quantity based pricing

Show pricing and discounts based on quantity breaks.

Price list discounting

Organise your price lists to offer product price discounts.

Customer specific pricing

Allow customers to have their own pricing structure.

Cost prices

Maintain costs for margin based pricing and margin protection.