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Shipping Engine

Unlimited carriers and shipping options per carrier

Provide flexible shipping options based on multiple carriers.

Unlimited shipping types

Organise products into types so only valid shipping options are presented at checkout. For example, ensure baskets that contain no fly items only show land based shipping options.

Zone specific weight and size constraints

Accurately calculate shipping based on regional constraints.

Country specific weight and size constraints

Further refine by adding country specific constraints.

Area, fuel, residential, oversize and overweight surcharges

Apply all standard surcharges to cover deliveries which fall outside standard terms.

Quantity based product dimensions and weight

Multiple quantity volumetrics and weight where items packaged in multiples can be packaged more efficiently than one by one.

Volumetric and actual weight based pricing

Supports volumetric and weight based pricing for international and domestic based price calculations.

3 dimension and weight based packing

Calculate price by packaging volumes and weight into option constraints.

Component based packaging

Specify unlimited types to ensure items can only be shipped by appropriate methods.

Cost based insurance constraints

Show shipping methods which adequately cover goods during transit.

Void space packaging

Fill the void space created by packaging multiple volumes with applicable products to minimise cost.

Split basket shipping

Allow product to be split in the basket for multiple shipping selections. For example split stocked items and drop ship.

Associate shipping labels

Associate hazardous and no fly labels with shipping types and items to ensure correct labelling of packaging. Labels will appear on the order detail for picking but are not seen by customers.

Parcelforce convenient collect

Offer post office collection with Parcelforce Convenient Collect. Offer larger/heavier collection through Parcelforce than other click and collect providers.

Cubiscan scanner dimensions and weight

Import data directly from Cubiscan scanner.

Block countries / post codes

Exclude countries and postcodes from being able to purchase.

Factored weight shipping

Simple factored weight based solution where factored weight incorporates insurance value, weight and size.

Collect in-store

Allow customers to checkout with a collect in-store option, including the ability to set specific products as collect in-store only.