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Klarna Finance Integration

We integrate with Klarna to provide the 'Slice It' payment option where customers can choose to pay for orders over a specific period.


System location

Setup / System Integration / Klarna


General setup

Username - Your Klarna API username

Password - Your Klarna API password

Status - Specify whether to interface with Klarna live or Klarna test playground.

Active - Yes / No


Finance options

Specify the finance options available to customers.

Code - The Klarna finance code.

Title - The description of the finance option displayed on the website.

APR - The APR percentage of the finance option.

Term - The number of months of the finance option.

Min finance - The minimum value of goods that can be financed.

Max finance - The maximum value of goods that can be financed.

Min deposit % - The minimum deposit percentage a customer is required to pay towards the loan.

Max deposit % - The maximum deposit percentage a customer can pay towards the loan.

Min margin % - only display this finance option against products that exceed minimum product margin.

Fee % - The fee associated with this finance option.

Active - The finance option is active or inactive.


Finance exclusions

Finance options are set globally so will automatically display against products throughout the website when active. This saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent linking products with finance options. Whilst this is normally the best outcome there may be instances where this isn't desired such as:

  • Sale of consumables where the life of the product is less than the finance term.
  • Low margin products where the cost of finance is prohibitive.
  • Certain products the finance company won't lend against.

Finance options can be excluded at category level to exclude many related product or product level for fine-grained control.


Category exclusion

shop navigation / system integration / klarna finance exclude

Associate the Klarna finance options to exclude all products within the category from the associated finance options.


Product exclusion

products / system integration / klarna finance exclude

Associate the Klarna finance options to exclude specific products from the associated finance options.






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