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Frequestly asked questions


Why should we use InCart instead of a retail platform such as Shopify?
InCart is a specialist provider of ecommerce websites with many tools that are specific to the automotive parts industry. Retail providers are a great fit for sellers of simple-to-merchandise products, but automotive parts presents many additional technology challenges. We open doors to growth for parts businesses that would be impossible to open through a retail platform.


Do you provide development services for 3rd party websites?
We understand it can be disappointing when a website build fails, but taking on a project that other developers have failed to make work is too much of a risk for us. InCart already contains the tools needed to build a leading parts website out of the box. We have invested in years of development so you don't have to.


Do you offer consultancy services?
We provide consultancy services for projects that require our expertise to ensure smooth replatforming to InCart. We also provide data migration services to manage the transfer of data to InCart.


Can we use InCart for eBay only?
A website is not required to use our platform for eBay.


We are a startup parts business are we a good fit?
We work with parts businesses of all sizes including small businesses. Automotive parts websites do take more work than retail websites, so how successful your website is will depend on how much work you are able to put in. We support you throughout your project build to help keep your project on the right track.


Do you provide support?
We fully support all aspects of the InCart platform; user support, server management and monitoring, security patches, SSL certificates and data backups.


How often are new releases?
The platform is in constant development with new functionality and updates applied regularly.


Do you offer bespoke development services?
If you require functionality which is not currently offered by the platform, we can provide an estimate for the development work.


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