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About us

InCart are specialists in automotive parts ecommerce based in Birmingham, UK. We started building our website platform in 2005 to serve the automotive parts industry. 17 years on our parts platform has evolved to be the leading independant automotive parts ecommerce platform in the UK.

At our core we are a team of petrol-heads who want to create the best automotive parts websites in the industry. We speak your language without all the technology smoke and mirrors.

We work with businesses of all sizes across automotive parts that specialise in genuine parts, aftermarket parts, racing, performance & tuning parts, and used parts for cars, motorcycles, off-road, leisure, commercials and industrial vehicles.

Our strength is in providing an automotive parts platform dedicated to serving the industry, with all the work going into the platform being focused on helping our customers sell more parts online.


Our journey started in 2005 when we were commissioned by an automotive parts seller who needed an ecommerce platform to grow their automotive parts business online. They couldn't find a platform that could meet their needs turning to us. We built a platform from the ground up that could compete with the leading automotive parts sellers in the industry.

In 2008 we were approached by a leading automotive parts seller spending the next 10 years helping them become a global leader for their sector.

We've continued to go from strength to strength working with leading automotive parts sellers creating an industry leading automotive parts platform.

"InCart is the result of over 17 years working at the cutting edge of automotive parts website technology, putting all our industry knowledge into our parts platform.

We strive to build the best automotive parts websites in the industry, working closely with our customers who benefit from our years of industry experience.

Please get in touch if you have a project you wish to discuss."

James Britton InCart CEO / Founder.

About James

James was influenced by petrol-heads from an early age, with his dad rallying Escort RS2000s, and his uncle racing for Kawasaki. At 15 James rebuilt an Escort RS Mexico from the ground up, and became the goto mechanic for family and friends for servicing, engine rebuilds and enhancements.

James' passion for automotive took him down the engineering route at college where he discovered his aptitude for technology. James chose not to go to university but continued his education while working finishing with a Masters degree.

James has been innovating technology since 1994 across manufacturing, engineering, wholesale, retail and online. His core strength is his aptitude for finding solutions to complex problems. What others find difficult James takes in his stride. James invents technology to remove barriers to grown, to keep businesses moving forward at pace.

In 2008 James was made a board director and technology visionary for a leading automotive parts business, growing the business into a household name for petrol-heads around the world, with InCart forming the backbone of the growth strategy for the business.

In 2016 James moved on to develop InCart independantly, and now helps leading automotive parts sellers grow online.

If you'd like to contact James please email him here.
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