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Unlimited products and categories

There are no limits to the number of products and categories you can add to your shop.

Unlimited product options and variants

There are no limits to the number of product options and variants you can show.

Unlimited product images

Show your products from every angle and highlight key product features.

Unlimited product filters

There are no constraints to the number of product filters you can use. Our filters are completely flexible, so you can have any name-value pair combination to filter your product options and listing pages. Choose whether to order your filters alphabetically or override to order manually.

Colour & swatch product filters

We have a range of filter diaplay options to make chosing products easy. Display product filters by drop down, button, radio button, colour or swatch. Choose colours from our pre defined colour palettes or simply use our colour picker to select colours directly from your products.

Unlimited product descriptions

Give your customers the confidence to buy by providing comprehensive description and technical information. Create unlimited product description tabs with unlimited description sections. Use our description tools to create description text, features, specifications, images, files, videos and embed 3rd party scripts.

Display products in multiple categories

Show the same product in multiple categories and avoid duplicate content warnings by flagging the preferred category for search engines to index.

Set product and category canonical URLs

Avoid duplicate content warnings for duplicate content within your shop by specifying a canonical URL for categories and products.

Associated / alternative / accessory products

Show associated and alternative products on product detail pages, and display accessories at the basket.

Enlarge image lightbox

Show your products in greater detail with our enlarge image lightbox. We support enlarge images for your main and alternative images.

Product image zoom

Our product image zoom allows you to visualise your products in greater detail. We support large image sizes up 2000px x 2000px to super zoom your products.

Rotating product images

Show your products from every angle. Upload multiple frames to visualise your products rotating.

Size chart lightbox

Help your customers locate their correct size with our size chart light box. Show product sizes and clear instructions on how to measure to minimise returns.

Product Q & A

Add questions and answers to your product pages so customers can ask you a question and see previously answered questions. Moderate and reply to questions before publishing. Allow visitors to answer questions which you then moderate before publishing.

Product reviews

Use our product review process to request product reviews from your customers. Specify a send delay after shipping to give orders a chance to be received. Use our email template editor to create the look you want for your reviews. Alternatively, use our TrustPilot integration to provide additional credability for your shop.

Import / export products in bulk

Use our comprehensive import / export templates to get your shop up and running quickly, and manage your on going data in bulk.
Talk to us today
To start a conversation about your automotive parts website simply call us on 0121 704 3668.
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Talk to us today
To start a conversation about your automotive parts website simply call us on 0121 704 3668.
Contact Us >