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Shop features

Shop features

Platform overview
Shop features
Fashion & retail features
Trade & wholesale features
Automotive parts features
Spare parts & consumables features
Marketplace integrations
ERP system integrations
Payment providers & 3rd party integrations
Supplier integrations
TecAlliance Tecdoc API
Bulk data tools
Rest API
   Shop design

Free pre-built designs

Get your shop up and running quickly using one of our pre-built shop designs. We have many template styles to choose from which you can have in a colour of your choice.

Custom shop design

Define your brand with a design created by our designers, to create a unique identity for your brand.

Use your own designers

If you already work with designers that understand your brand, we can translate your own design into our platform.

Optimised for all devices

Our designs are built for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and tested across all major browsers.

Customisable HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Whether you use one of our pre-built templates or have a bespoke design, you have full access to your HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Customisable email confirmations

Your email templates are fully customisable using our email template designer, so you can create the look you want.

Showroom touchscreen devices

Display your shop on a touchscreen device in your showroom using a design made specifically for your showroom device.


Upload your own favicon to your shop to display your identity on browser tabs.
   Banners, carousels & more

Visual drag & drop page designer

Create pages with ease without any knowledge of coding using our visual page designer. Add banners, text and more to pages with ease.

Create static, rollover & revolving banners

Create revolving or fading banners with a choice of style options. Create static banners with the option of a rollover on hover.

Create revolving carousels

Create carousels of images, brands or categories, with many configuration options to help you create the behaviour you want.

Embed HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Embed HTML, CSS and JavaScript into your pages for fine grained control over the content of your pages.

Embed 3rd party scripts

Embed scripts from 3rd parties such as YouTube to add rich media to your pages.

Create time limited designs

Create page designs that display for a specified time interval to support your marketing, with designs that can be setup ready to go before an event.

Region specific designs

Create page designs for specific regions or countries, that only display when visitors from the regions or countries view your shop, using our visitor location recognition service.
   Shop search

Fast search results

We use the latest search technology to display relevant search results fast.

Search suggestions

Display search suggestions as you type to help visitors locate the items they need with ease.

Search results page

Display a dedicated search results page to help visitors browse products.

Search filters

Display search filters against search results to help visitors refine their search.

Alternative search keywords

Associate alternative search keywords such as pants vs trousers, petrol can vs jerry can and rear mech vs derailleur to improve search accuracy for visitors.

Search by manufacturer part number (MPN)

Search for items by MPN, alternative MPN, OEM numbers, trade identifiers and barcodes.
   Mega menu

Configurable mega menu

Our mega menu is highly configurable to help you create the look you want for you menus with ease.

Show sub categories

Show menu item children to help visitors locate the products they need with fewer clicks.

Show featured brands

Show 1 or more columns of featured brands on your menus to help brand focussed visitors locate branded items with ease.

Show quick link icons

Show 1 or more columns of quick link icons to help visotors to navigate to popular categories.

Show a feature section

Show a HTML designed feature section on your menus to provide department specific marketing.

Show images

Show menu item images to help visitors navigate the menu with ease.

HTML menu

For maximum control you can design your menus in HTML to override the default menu display.

Hide categories

Hide active categories from your menus where the categories are used for other functions so not applicable to the menu.
   Image & file manager

Automatic image processing

We optimise your images on import to make them the required sizes and dimensions for display on your shop. Optionally choose to import without processing to create the look you want for your products.

Drag and drop image upload

Either drag and drop your images within our file manager for processing, or drag and drop from within each area of the system using system defaults to make adding images quick and easily.

Automatic watermarking

Include a watermark that will get automatically merged with your product images to help protect your intellectual property. Set the strength of the watermark against products to fine tune its impact.

Product image zoom

Show your products in greater detail using our product image zoom, with images up to 2000px x 2000px supported to provide a detailed zoom.

Enlarge image lightbox

Give your customers the ability to enlarge product images to see details in greater depth.

Size chart lightbox

Include a size chart with your multi-variant products to help visitors choose their correct size option.

Rotating product images

Include images that rotate to show your products from every angle.

Manage files

Include any type of file in your pages including PDFs, Excel and Word documents, technical drawings and schematics, and more.

Product videos

Show videos alongside your product images for product information, to show off key features, or for catwalks.

Optimised default checkout

Our default checkout is optimised for sales conversion to help customers get through the checkout process with minimum effort.

Custom checkout

Want your own checkout? Our team can work with you to design a checkout that works best for your business.

SSL secured checkout

Our websites are secured using the latest SSL security to give your customers confidence when purchasing.

Guest checkout

Give your customers the ability to checkout as guest to help improve sales conversion, with the option of registering for faster checkout next time.

Apply voucher codes

Customers can apply voucher code at checkout to take advantage of your promotions.

Address search

Use our address search service to help customers enter their address details with minimal effort, whilst helping to reduce address input mistakes and delivery problems.

Show order details at checkout

Display the basket during checkout to reassure customers they are purchasing the correct items to help improve sales conversion.

Ship to billing address only option

Apply our ship to billing address option to help protect purchases of products that carry a high risk of fraud, to ensure the order is shipped to the card holder address.

Capture company name, order reference & VAT number

Help customers paying via their business enter additional company details, including an order reference to help them match your order to their system.

Customise order confirmations

Customise your order confirmations using our email template designer.

Offer paper catalogues at checkout

Give customers the option of adding a catalogue to basket while shopping, and display paper catalogues at checkout so customers can add a catalogue to their order.

ERP order integration

We can connect InCart to your ERP system to automate order processing to help scale your business online.

Export orders to spreadsheet

Export orders to spreadsheet for import into your back office system.

REST API order integration

You can integrate with our REST API to download orders to your back office system.
   Take payments

Accept credit / debit cards

Accept credit and debit cards payments using one of our PCI compliant payment providers including Sagepay, Opayo, Stripe, Braintree and Worldpay.

Accept PayPal

Accept PayPal using our dedicated PayPal payments integration.

Offer PayPal Pay in 4

Give PayPal customers the option of spreading their purchase over 4 payments.

Accept Klarna Pay in 3

Use our Klarna integration to give customers the option of spreading their purchase over 3 payments.

Offer classic finance

Make classic finance available for high value purchases using our Klarna, V12 or Deco Finance integrations.

Offer payment by bank transfer

Offer customers payment by bank transfer to provide an alternative payment option for business customers or customers from countries where card payments aren't popular.

Offer payment on account

Offer payment on account for authorised account customers.

Offer cash on delivery

Offer cash on delivery for countries where cash on delivery is common.

Generate pro forma invoices

Give your customers the ability to create a pro forma invoice which includes a pay button to complete their purchase.

Use your own payment icons

Import your own payment icons to personalise the payment process.

Get noticed on search engines

Our shops are designed to provide good organic search engine performance out the box for the leading search engines including Google, with additional tools to help you improve your search engine ranking.

Drive traffic with Google Shopping

Use our Google Shopping integration to drive targeted visitors to your shop to increase sales.

Offer loyalty points

Gift your customers with loyalty points when they purchase, that they can redeem against future purchases to encourage repeat purchase.

Abandoned basket retrieval

Save baskets for visitors that have not completed their purchase, and automatically email these visitors to encourage them to continue with their purchase or ask for help.

Analyse your website performance

Use our Google Analytics integration to give you a complete insight into your shops performance.

Wish list / saved items / visited items

Give visitors the ability to save their basket so they can purchase at a later date, and show previously viewed items so visitors can revisit items with minimal effort.

Send marketing emails

Use our Mail Chimp or DOT Digital integration to manage your email content and automatically manage email mailing lists for your email marketing.

Live chat with customers

Use our Zendesk live chat integration to chat with customers within your shop.

Powerful blogging tools

Create content to drive traffic to your shop using our Wordpress blog integration.

Manage questions & answers

Give visitors the ability to ask a question about a product with the ability to respond to the question and optionally publish the question and answer to your shop.

Manage customer reviews

Give customers the ability to leave a review based on their experience using our TrustPilot integration.

Manage product reviews

Give customers the ability to review products, with the option to moderate the review before publishing to your shop.

Social media integrations

Link to all your favourite social media providers to help visitors get the most of visiting your shop.

Unlimited carriers & shipping options

Create shipping options for all your carriers to cover domestic, EU and international delivery for all weights and sizes.

Weight based shipping

Display shipping options based on weight only for shops that only require simple shipping rules.

Domestic size & weight shipping

Display domestic shipping options that are calculated using the dimensions and actual weight of the items in the basket.

International size & volumetric weight shipping

Display international shipping options that are calculated using the dimensions and volumetric weight of the items in the basket.

Include insurance constraints

Apply a min and max insurance value to ensure only shipping options are displayed that are valid for the order replacement cost.

Include surcharges

Apply out of area, fuel, residential, oversize and overweight surcharges to shipping options to ensure customers are paying the full shipping cost for their location.

Postcode exclusions

Apply postcode range exclusions to hide shipping options with delivery postcodes within the exclusion range.

Postcode inclusions

Apply postcode range inclusions to only display shipping options for postcodes that fall within the postcode range.

Special shipping types

Create shipping types for items that aren't a good fit for your standard shipping options, to ensure these special items are shipped via appropriate services to not fall foul of aviaton authority regulations.

Drop shipping

Display shipping options for drop ship items that carry their own drop shipping charge, to keep drop ship items separate from other items in the basket.
   Collection outlets

Create outlets

Create as many outlets as you need to reflect all your collections points.

Town search

Add a town and postcode search to search for the nearest outlets from the search location.

Show all outlets

For businesses with a small number of outlets, configure your shop to display all collection points without the need to search.

Show only closest outlets

Configure your shop to show a limited number of your closest outlets based on the search location.

Show distance to outlets

Show visitors the 'as the crow flies' distance to each outlet based on the search location.

Show outlet details

Show the outlet address, opening times and a map of the outlet area. Include outlet details in the order confirmation.

Customise stock messages

Customise your outlet stock messages so you can display a general availability message or the number of items on the shelf.

Customisable collection emails

Design your collection confirmation emails using our email template manager. Include collection point details on your order confirmation, and add message asking customers not to visit until the order has been confirmed. Send a ready to collect email to the customer when the order is ready to collect.

Automatically optimised URLs

We automatically create optimised URLs that are most relevant to the content of your pages. Configure the format of your URLs across your shop.

User-defined URLs

Override your automatically generated URLs with your own custom URLs.

301 redirects

Create 301 redirects to tell search engines and browsers that pages have permanently moved location, by mapping the old URL to the new. Create 302 redirects for pages that have temporarily moved.

Page title, H1 & meta tags

Create custom page title and H1 tags to override your automatically generated page title and H1 tags. Add meta title, meta keyword and meta description tags to help optimise your pages for search engines.

Custom tags

Create custom tags to enhance your pages for 3rd parties, including Open Graph tags to help enhance your social media.

Rich snippets

Create rich snippets to provide search engines with additional information for display in search engine search results.

Superseded products

Communicate to visitors that the original product they are viewing has been superseded by a replacement product, with a link to the replacement to direct visitors to the page.

Preferred canonical URLs

Help search engines understand which URL is the preferred page to index from a group of similar pages. For example, a button battery might be listed under button batteries and under watch batteries. You decide that the button batteries category is the preferred location for the products for Google and other search engines to index.
   Sell globally


Create multiple shops to sell across different geographical locations, or multiple shops in the same region with different branding.


Create as many currencies as you need to help visitors understand the cost of goods relative to their local currency.


Create shops in multiple languages to localise your shops to each region.

VAT selector

Display a VAT selector on your shop to help visitors see prices with or without VAT.

EU & international duty & tax

Create international tax rules to show prices including duty and tax. Create regional duty or tax to apply an average to a number of countries, or country by country for an accurate duty and tax representation.

Exchange rate pricing

Create currencies using exchange rates with an optional exchange rate factor to influence the effect of the base exchange rate. Use our exchange rate service to automatically update exchange rates.

Currency specific price lists

Create price lists in any currency to have full control of your currency based pricing. Update your currency price lists from your back office ERP system.

Automatic country recognition

Use our automatic country recognition service to localise your shop based on the visitor geographical location. Default currency, VAT, pricing and shipping based on visitor current location. For multi-language shops give visitors the option of moving to the shop most appropriate for their region, or automatically redirect visitors to the most appropriate shop..

Global trade identifiers

Add global trade identifies to your products including GTIN, EAN, ISBN, JAN, barcodes, MPNs, OE numbers and trade numbers to help visitors search by identifier.
   Fulfil orders

One click fulfilment

Mark orders as fulfilled in a single click with a dispatch confirmation automatically sent to your customer.

Part shipping

Mark part of the order as fulfilled with an automatic shipping confirmation sent to your customer detailing which items have been shipped.

Include tracking numbers

Include 1 or more tracking numbers for the dispatch to help customers track their delivery.

Send shipping confirmations

Decide whether to send shipping confirmations via InCart or your back office system.

Customise shipping confirmations

You can design your shipping confirmations using our email confirmation manager to create the look you want.

Confirm fulfilment to 3rd parties

Confirm orders have been fulfilled to marketplaces and other 3rd parties, so providers such as Klarna can release funds for the order into your bank account on dispatch.

Fulfilment via ERP interface

Connect your ERP back office system to automatically acknowledge shipping.

Acknowledge fulfilment via spreadsheet

Acknowledge shipping in bulk via spreadsheet from you back office system.

REST API fulfilment

Integrate with our Rest API to automatically acknowledge shipping by connecting your back office system.
   Manage returns

Accept customer returns

Generate a customer return to allow customers to return items they do not need within the return period.

Return faulty items

Allow returning of faulty items within the return period of the product warranty.

Specify return reason codes

Create as many reason codes as you need to help identify the reason for the return.

Customise return confirmation

Design your return confirmation using our email confirmation template manager.

Non-returnable products

Flag products that can't be returned by setting as non-returnable so customers can't raise a return for the items in the their account.
Platform overview

Platform overview

Shop features

Shop features

Fashion & retail features

Fashion & retail features

Trade & wholesale features

Trade & wholesale features

Automotive parts features

Automotive parts features

Spare parts & consumables features

Spare parts & consumables features

Marketplace integrations

Marketplace integrations

ERP system integrations

ERP system integrations

Payment providers & 3rd party integrations

Payment providers & 3rd party integrations

Supplier integrations

Supplier integrations

TecAlliance Tecdoc API

TecAlliance Tecdoc API

Bulk data tools

Bulk data tools

Rest API

Rest API